TV's Ryan Atwood is now posing a possible threat to Al Pacino in a new screen thriller

By Stephen M. Silverman
November 07, 2005 07:00 AM

The O.C. star Benjamin McKenzie is wanted – not on only movie producers’ wish lists but as someone who may be plotting to kill Al Pacino.

At least that’s the 27-year-old actor’s new role in 88 Minutes, a thriller now being shot in Vancouver, in which Pacino plays a college professor/FBI forensic psychiatrist who’s been threatened with having only 88 minutes to live. McKenzie’s character is that of a grad student who’s also a possible suspect, says the Hollywood Reporter.

This summer, McKenize – who scored his O.C. breakout gig as a brooding teen Ryan Atwood in 2003 – won acclaim for his role as an angry young man in the independent film Junebug.

At the time of that movie’s release, he told PEOPLE that the film roles he’s offered are “the sort of stuff you expect to get off The O.C. – teen-oriented material. When this script came along, I fell in love with it. A side benefit was that it wouldn’t be the same thing I do most of the year. It was very sexy to be able to try something else and see if I can do (it). And if not, I could fall on my ass, but in a small way.”

But, he went on to say, “Then the movie exceeded my wildest expectations. To go to Sundance and Cannes – I never thought it would actually see theaters.”