*NYSNC's Latest Gig

*NSYNC plays bat mitzvahs? Unbelievable, but true, claims the mother of the bat mitzvah girl. The hot boy band serenaded the 300 guests at 12-year-old Rachel Colburn’s bat mitzvah in suburban Washington D.C. last weekend, reports The Washington Post. They sang for 40 minutes, then hung around to sign autographs — and, presumably, nosh on chopped chicken liver. “They were very nice,” Rachel’s mom, Kathleen Colburn, told The Post. “But the main event was the bat mitzvah.” *NSYNC publicist Sonia Muckle didn’t send off her congratulations to Rachel so fast, however. “Just because you talked to the mother doesn’t mean it’s true,” said Muckle, disputing the authenticity of the performers at the fete. The Colburns, however, are sticking to their story. Rachel’s dad, AOL executive David Colburn, claims to have a relationship with *NSYNC. The Post suggests that his paying the group a $250,000 performance fee didn’t hurt, either.

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