Ronald Dillon has worked for New York City's Health Department since 1976
Credit: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters/Landov

Resistance to Ronald Dillon is futile.

Dillon, who works for New York City’s Health Department, is facing a 30-day suspension for repeatedly answering calls in a “robot voice.” DNAinfo obtained a recording of Dillon’s allegedly automaton-esque voice; you can listen to it below.

Dillon is nothing if not consistent: He was suspended in 2014 for using his robot voice on five separate occasions in 2013, and this current suspension is based on two separate incidents from 2014.

Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Judge Ingrid Addison also found that Dillon neglected customer-service assignments, ignored various requests from his supervisors and purposefully misdirected several calls this year, so maybe the whole “robot voice” thing is a relatively low rung of his work-behavior ladder.

Dillon, for his part, told DNAinfo previously that he’s not attempting to speak like a robot, but rather to use a “neutral” tone of voice to make his supervisors happy. He has worked for the health department since 1976 and was transferred to a help-desk job from project management, against his will.

In her decision, Addison said that Dillon bears a grudge for the reassignment and the robot voice and other shenanigans are his way of acting out.

“What was apparent from his rambling explanation and his general testimony was that he felt his skills and education to be superior to the requirements of his current job, especially given the kinds of projects to which he had been previously assigned,” she said.