May 22, 2015 12:40 PM York City is no longer the home of the $30 hot dog, thanks to NBC 4 New York. The hot dog vender caught charging astronomical prices for his concessions has been fired, the news station reported.

NBC 4 New York captured vendor Ahmed Mohammed on camera trying to charge a man $15 for a hot dog and pretzel near the World Trade Center on Wednesday. Several other customers told NBC 4 New York that Mohammed tried to charge them $20 to $30 for a single hot dog.

After the story went viral, the cart owner, Abdelalim Abdelbaky, told the outlet he fired Mohammed. Mohammed has also been issued two summonses for failing to list his prices (which is required by the city) and for two Environmental Control Board violations.

The Alliance for Downtown New York also addressed the issue after fights began to break out regarding Mohammed’s sky-high prices.

“Five times since May 13 where we’ve observed altercations on the street over the prices being charged for hot dogs, pretzels, water, soda,” Ron Wolfgang, who is in charge of security for the Alliance, told NBC News 4.

Prices have since been posted on the cart in question, and they’re much more reasonable. A hot dog costs $2.50, and two hot dogs and a water is only $3.99.

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