By People Staff
November 09, 2007 02:05 PM
Dallas Gregory Photography

Want to own a piece of pop culture history? Good news: John Travolta’s custom-designed Pontiac Firebird – dubbed “Travolta Fever” – is on the online auction block.

Sure, Travolta has moved on to piloting his own jet, but back in his ’70s-heyday, the Saturday Night Fever star had this hot ride, designed by George Barris (who also designed the Batmobile) to promote the actor’s rising career.

The car underwent a slight transformation after Travolta’s hit Urban Cowboy when Barris adjusted its interior to reflect the flick’s Western aesthetic. (Translation: There’s cowhide seats and a saddle in the center console.) Now privately owned, the car is being auctioned online. The current bid is $25,000 and will remain on the block until Nov. 18. So, if you want to catch the Fever, get in gear!