Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic
October 28, 2004 09:15 AM

Howard Stern is facing the big guns.

The shock jock took on Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell on Tuesday morning when Stern called a radio show on which Powell was a guest. Now, Powell’s father, Secretary of State Colin Powell, is stepping into the feud, dismissing Stern’s comments to the FCC chairman that “your father got you your job.”

On Wednesday, Colin Powell defended his son’s abilities during an interview on CNBC. “My son is an enormously qualified individual, and I think he has served with great distinction,” the elder Powell said, according to the Associated Press.

Colin Powell added that his son had become FCC chairman before his father was named to his cabinet position. “For all I know, he might have had some influence in getting me to become secretary of state,” Powell said.

After Stern’s show was dropped from several stations earlier this year, he announced he was leaving traditional radio to join the growing satellite radio broadcasts – which are not governed by the FCC – in 2006.

Stern’s testy 10-minute on-air conversation with Powell was the sort of showdown he has been looking for since the FCC began leveling heavy fines at Stern’s show, many of which have come after Janet Jackson’s breast-baring incident at this year’s Super Bowl caused the commission to step up its efforts to curtail broadcasts it deems vulgar.

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