September 28, 2001 05:43 PM

STALLED: San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds, 37, one home run shy of beating Mark McGwire’s single-season record set three years ago, stayed at 69 home runs on Sunday as the San Diego Padres beat the Giants 5-4. Bonds grounded out, walked twice and was hit by a pitch from reliever Jose Nunez. The outfielder saw 11 pitches, only one of them a strike. He was left on deck when the game ended . . . ARRESTED: Rodney King, 36, the motorist whose videotaped beating by Los Angeles police officers sparked riots in that city in 1992, has been arrested for the second time in little more than a month, say police. Saturday’s charges were for being under the influence of a controlled substance and indecent exposure. Aug. 28 he was arrested on a misdemeanor drug charge. King is due to appear in court for that one on Tuesday . . . DIED: Former South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu, 78, who led his nation in the war that literally ripped apart his homeland and figuratively divided the U.S. (before he was forced to step down as North Vietnamese troops closed in), died late Saturday in Boston . . . DONATED: Angelina Jolie, 26, has given $1 million to the United Nations refugee agency to help Afghani refugees, the Associated Press reports. Jolie, who was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees this past summer, made the gift as part of the agency’s appeal for $268 million to meet the humanitarian needs in and around strife-torn Afghanistan . . . REOPENED: This past Saturday morning, New York’s proud Empire State Building, 70, once again allowed members of the public on to its 86th floor observation deck. The 102-story landmark, which is now the tallest structure in the city, had closed the landing immediately after the Sept. 11 attack on its neighbor to the south, the 110-story World Trade Center. The Empire State has also bathed its spire in red, white and blue lights at night. Heavy security measures are in effect at the building, and operating hours are limited.

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