Updated April 07, 2003 08:49 AM

It’s not quite a trip through his head, but John Malkovich fans can spend some time in his clothes.

PEOPLE reports that the intense and often-enigmatic actor (and inspiration for 1999’s “Being John Malkovich”) has been flexing his design muscles by working with a New York design and research company called Mrs. Mudd and — in collaboration with a Japanese production company enigmatically called Anonymous — is producing one-of-a-kind pieces, mostly for a stable of Malkovich’s friends.

Malkovich, 49, told PEOPLE Sunday night, at the London premiere of “Johnny English,” the new Rowan Atkinson (“Mr. Bean”) comedy in which Malkovich costars: “Mrs. Mudd rules.”

He serves as the label’s chief executive and creative director.

“I just was in Florence pitching next summer’s collection,” said Malkovich, who described the general look of the upcoming season’s collection of Mrs. Mudd as “a cross between a Swiss businessman who’s been fired and a late ’50s Beach Boy.”

The leading man, who had been closely aligned with Prada (even appearing in that designer’s ads), also noted that the Mrs. Mudd fashion line is for sale at Brown’s on London’s trendy South Molton Street and in New York City at Jeffrey’s on 14th Street.

As for the new movie — a spy spoof with Atkinson playing his usual high-minded goofball — Malkovich (who, in the film, plays a Machiavellian French business magnate named Sauvage), described Atkinson as being “a sweet, sweet man,” but added later that he doesn’t think his costar “is into yoga.”