21 Nosy Neighbors Reveal the Craziest Things They've Ever Seen

"I saw an old lady who lived across the street steal some kid's dog. She locked herself in her apartment, refusing to give it back."

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The next time you’re about to do something weird and/or naked in your home, make sure to check the windows. Nosy neighbors are everywhere, as evidenced by these 21 Redditors who shared the craziest things they’ve ever seen while snooping.

1. “Someone breaking into my downstairs neighbor’s back window. I live on the second floor and heard the gate to the backyard open and nobody normally goes back there. The cops came and caught the guy red-handed. My neighbor bought me a bottle of scotch to say thanks.”

2. “I once heard the cops questioning a man in the middle of the night outside my apartment window about why he was riding a tricycle down the street at 2 a.m. He kept insisting it was his daughter’s, and eventually they let him pedal away into the night.”

3. “I watched an entire family of five brush their teeth into the same sink at the same time once. It started off with just one of them, and one by one they came in and started brushing their teeth together. It was a weird day.”


4. “My sister noticed the public school across from us was on fire when we were little. We saved the school AND they let us use the playground whenever we wanted as a reward.”

5. “I saw a bunch of guys breaking into a jewelry store and called the cops. They caught the guys about 20 miles away after a police chase and I didn’t get any reward.”

6. “We saw two kids trying to kick in the basement window of the across the street neighbor. They quit trying and walked passed our house down the crosswalk which runs beside our house. Got a great description and phoned the cops. They caught them. Neighbor got us a 5-pound box of chocolates.”


7. “I was asleep at the time, but my mom was sitting in our living room on the phone with her mother. All of a sudden, through the front window, she could see flames shooting up out of my neighbor’s roof. She immediately told her mother she had to go and called 911. She frantically woke up my dad (state trooper). He got up, threw on shorts and a shirt and ran across the street, hopping their brick wall and pretty much bashing down the front door. The entire family was standing in their kitchen, according to my dad, looking around wondering why their fire alarm was going off. They didn’t speak much English, but understood ‘YOUR ROOF IS ON FIRE, GET OUT!’ I still wonder here and there what would have happened if my mom had went to sleep with my dad that night instead of staying up a bit later.”

8. “I don’t consider myself nosy, but I did see my old neighbor cheating on her long-term boyfriend.”

9. “We were the spied-on neighbors. I was just out of surgery and not really fit to be left unaccompanied for more than an hour or two without adult supervision. After about two weeks, one of the neighbors collared my husband on the way home to tell him that I was having men over to the house in his absence. He thanked her kindly for the information and informed her that he was well aware that my dad and my brother were visiting me on a daily basis.”

10. “I was out on my balcony with my roommates earlier this year when one of them pointed out a woman across the way who was smoking out of a pipe (not the kind designed for tobacco or weed), naked and spasmodically dancing around. Portland’s Chinatown loves its drugs.”


11. “There’s a trucking business next to me. I saw a truck catch fire one night and called it in. I got a damn nice fruit basket for it.”

12. “I saw my neighbor mopping the floor, and shortly after he was vacuuming it.”

13. “A few weeks ago I watched from my yard as the cops used an axe and a sledgehammer to break down my neighbor’s door. Turns out, she had come home to find someone in her house and called the cops. I could see through the window as the cops went in and subdued the guy. He was clinging to a rafter, so they had to pepper spray him. The weirdest thing about it though was that the guy only had one leg (other was a prosthetic) and had no apparent escape plan besides running away. ”

14. “I was outside sweeping the back porch when I looked up all of a sudden and saw one of my neighbors staring at me. Before I could really see her face, I noticed she was nude from the waist down. She then quickly shut the blinds as soon as she saw me.”


15. “I went outside my apartment building to smoke a cigarette one morning and I see my coke-dealing neighbor shirtless and barefoot, pacing around with a baseball bat in his hands. I said ‘nope’ and walked back upstairs.”

16. “When I was like eight, I stared from my own yard into the side window of my next door neighbor, just to see the shadow of a couple banging. I told my mom that the neighbors were doing strange hugs. My mom told me off, and I never realized why until when I learned the birds and the bees.”

17. “I must have been around five, but my cousins were over and we decided to look into my neighbor’s window on the side of their house. Two basically adult sons of our neighbor were watching wrestling and imitating the moves on each other in just their underwear. One of us burst out laughing, and they closed their blinds once they realized we were watching.”


18. “The ice cream man joins my neighbors for a beer and a cigarette in their garage every day at about 3:30 p.m.. They use the speakers on the ice cream truck to play tejano music that fills the street.”

19. “My neighbor, an older gentleman, wears fuzzy feathered pimp hats to get the mail. He has purple, red and green ones.”

20. “I saw a woman throwing all of her boyfriend’s clothes out of the top window, all while yelling and crying. Twelve-year-old me learned some new swear words that day! I’ve been nosy ever since.”

21. “I’ve seen an old lady who lived across the street steal some kid’s dog. She locked herself in her apartment, refusing to give it back.”

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