Akil Simmons/The Royal Gazette/AP
May 20, 2015 11:50 AM

The 92,250-ton Norwegian Dawn cruise ship ran aground in Bermuda on Tuesday, and though it’s since been floated free with the help of some tugboats, it was still an embarrassing incident for the 12-year-old ship, especially in a day and age when it’s certain a proportion of any given ship‘s passengers have the ability to broadcast their situation live on the Internet.

Initially, the problem had been attributed to a power loss on the ship, though later Tuesday, the explanation was switched to a “temporary malfunction of [the ship’s] steering system.”

Though passengers were surprised, the situation was quickly revealed to be less than life-threatening, with the evening’s entertainment proceeding as planned. Passengers were also allowed to go ashore while inspections were taking place.

Not everyone escaped unscathed, though: Shares of Norwegian Cruise Line’s parent company, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, dropped more than four percent Wednesday.

The Dawn‘s officers, engineers and an independent dive team are currently working on assessing the ship, the line said in a statement early Wednesday.

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