Prepare for festival season with British juggler Norbi's impressive routine

It’s almost summer festival season. That means hacky sacks, devil sticks and the yo-yo-on-steroids known as the “diabolo.”

We suggest you prepare by watching this video.

Shot over two days in Münster, Germany, this video stars a British juggler named Norbi and his crazy routine on the diabolo, otherwise known as “that thing you buy at a Spencer’s Gifts, play with for two weeks and then abandon” that isn’t a set of devil sticks.

Norbi’s got legitimate diabolo credentials: Though he’s a native of the U.K., he currently lives in Canada after graduating from l’école de Cirque de Québec.

Yes, that literally means he went to clown college. But given that he learned to do everything in this video during that time, and we learned how to analyze Freudian subtexts in As I Lay Dying during our college experience, we’re starting to wonder who really got clowned.

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