July 07, 2003 08:50 AM

Eminem just about has it all: Grammys, an Oscar — and now, praise from a Nobel Prize-winning poet.

Speaking to the BBC, Irish man of letters Seamus Heaney (“Death of a Naturalist”) was asked if anyone in popular culture today has the same poetic voice of John Lennon or Bob Dylan.

Replied Heaney, 64: “There is a guy, Eminem. He has created a sense of what is possible. He has sent a voltage around a generation. He has done this not just through his subversive attitude but also his verbal energy.”

And, according to Billboard, the artist born Marshall Mathers III, 30, is putting that energy to use.

The trade paper states that songwriter Luis Resto, who shared this year’s Best Song Oscar for “Lose Yourself” with Eminem and Jeff Bass, says that whenever the rapper is in Detroit, “(he) and I work together every day. We’re writing for artists on Shady Records.”

Resto goes on to say that the songs he’s doing with Eminem will be divided up among different artists.

“Some stuff goes to Em, some to Obie (Trice), and some to other artists (such as D12). … Marshall takes home CDs and he listens to them, some things intrigue him, some things not as much — you just keep backlogging the ideas and see what comes of it.”

An Interscope Records representative tells Billboard that Eminem’s album will come out in 2004.

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