June 23, 2005 08:00 AM

Here’s the scoop: Martha Stewart is not the Donald. She won’t bellow “You’re fired” as she slices contestants out of her version of The Apprentice, due next season in primetime on NBC.

“I think you’ll find it quite different,” Stewart said Wednesday at a conference of marketing executives in New York. Beyond that, she wasn’t offering too many details on what would distinguish her spin on the business-oriented reality show from Trump’s.

Stewart also referred to being under house arrest until August as the final part of her sentence for lying to Feds about a stock deal. “I spent part of yesterday and today trying to convince my parole officer that this was essential business,” she said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “It took me quite a long time, (but) please back me up on that if he calls you.”

Stewart, 64, also admitted that in cooking up her new show, she asked employees to e-mail their suggestions to her.

“I got some doozies,” she said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. These included such missives as: “You’re not a good thing” and “You’re a bad thing.” (No word if these employees still have their jobs.)

As for her signature sign-off when she axes a contestant: “I won’t tell you. We’re saving that for September,” Stewart said.

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