By Stephen M. Silverman
February 07, 2002 12:15 PM

Don’t mess with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. At least, that’s the message the august body is sending out with the federal trademark and copyright infringement lawsuit it has filed against a company currently offering anatomically correct Oscar-like statuettes for sale over an adult Internet site, the Los Angeles Times reported. And not only are the statuettes anatomically correct, they also come with a little something a little extra. The defendant in the U.S. District Court case, Pipedream Products Inc., is accused by the academy — which will dispense the real Oscars in a March 24 ceremony hosted by Whoopi Goldberg — of “manufacturing and selling a large number of obscene or kitsch items making unauthorized use of the academy’s ‘Oscar’ copyright and design mark.” Furthermore, the academy alleges in its legal papers, the Pipedream people are “willfully and maliciously causing deception in the marketplace.” A representative for Pipedream had no comment.