No Presidential Suite for Obama in Las Vegas

The Chief Executive picks a room with plenty of space but no fancy label

Photo: Bryce Vickmark/ZUMA

How is this for irony? The President of the United States spent the night at a Las Vegas hotel Tuesday but he didn’t stay in the Presidential Suite.

But that’s only because Caesars Palace – Barack Obama’s favorite hotel in Sin City – doesn’t have a room that’s actually called that, even if it does offer accommodations lavish enough to fit the Leader of the Free World, or any other world for that matter.

In town for a fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Obama checked into a 22,000-sq. ft. suite at the hotel that features a private pool, patio and panoramic views of the famed Vegas Strip. There was definitely plenty of room for storing the gifts admirers give him for his daughters, including a ukulele from Bette Midler, who also spoke at the event.

Obama was a frequent guest at the hotel when campaigning for president brought him to the city, and his most recent trip, he mentioned his previous visits. “I thought I had a pretty nice room [then],” he said. “But now I’m president, they upgraded me. It’s a really nice room now.”

A hotel insider told PEOPLE, “We’ve actually been calling it the Presidential Suite and there is even talk about changing the name to that.”

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