April 09, 2002 12:00 PM

“National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” star (and former fiancee of Carson Daly) Tara Reid, 26, plays a student reporter in her new college comedy, but she’s not preparing to go the academic route for real, she tells PEOPLE. “I don’t think I would go. Not now. I’m doing what I love to do — I’ve already found it. Plus I never loved school.” The New Jersey native had gone to the Professional Children’s School before she was discovered by a talent manager while singing and dancing on a table in a local mall. Not that she would want anyone to get the wrong impression about her academic prowess: “Believe it or not, I got As and Bs. I did good in school, I just didn’t like it.” Instead, she’ll continue to appear before the cameras, as well as behind them. “I have a movie coming out in the fall, called ‘The Guest,'” she said. “It’s a David Zucker (“Airplane!”) film with Ashton Kutcher. And then I’m doing another movie that I’m producing, called ‘Venus.’ It’s really cool, producing, because you’re involved in every step — the script, hiring the director, casting — which I really enjoy.” It’s also something of a family affair, she explained. “Me and my brother, Tommy, have our own production company that we started, and we’re working on a couple of projects. It’s called Hi Happy Films. Like, Hi happy! I’m very hands-on. Me and brother are the only two employees. We meet the writers that send us stuff, and if we like something, we try to make it happen.”

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