"Just being boring," says the star of the new flick Love Happens

By Scott Huver
September 09, 2009 04:00 PM
Credit: PA Photos/Landov

In her new film Love Happens, Jennifer Aniston has a disastrous first date with Aaron Eckhart onscreen, but things haven’t gotten quite so awful for her in real-life.

“I have to say that luckily I haven’t had one,” Aniston says of first-date disasters, beyond “just being bored.” She adds: “It’s that thing where you just want to go home and they’re like ‘So, do you want to go somewhere afterwards?’ And it’s like, ‘No.'”

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The actress, 40, says she’s never had to use a friend as a lifeline to call with a made-up emergency during a bad date. “Oh, God, no!” she laughed during a promotional interview for Love Happens. “I haven’t done that, but that’s really funny! That happened in The Breakup!”

Having been linked romantically to many of her male co-stars over the years (“Every one,” she sighs), Aniston says the rumors even started with Eckhart, 41, on the first day they met to discuss working on the film.

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“It’s so funny. Someone reminded us that when we were first meeting for lunch, meeting with the director, they took a picture of us in the restaurant and said ‘What’s happening? Something must be happening! They’re having lunch, my God!'” she says. “But then, yeah, they figured out that we were doing a movie together. I don’t know what that is.”

For the most part, she admits she can handle it if she’s portrayed inaccurately in the public eye.

“It doesn’t bug me, if people don’t believe it. That’s all,” she says. “I would just hate it if people actually believed any of it. That’s what I would be disappointed with because I don’t want crap like that to distract from what I do, my work.”