WATCH: Nikki Reed: 'Everything About Who I Am Is My Mom'

Nikki Reed gets her love for rescuing animals from her mom Cheryl Houston

Photo: Christian Witkin

Nikki Reed and her mom Cheryl Houston are a lot alike – and that’s totally fine with the actress, 27.

“It’s funny, you get older and you realize you’re so much more of your parent than you realize,” Reed tells PEOPLE. “I think that’s been one of the most amazing experiences. So much of who I am is actually identical to who she is.”

One thing they have in common is a love for rescuing animals.

“We’ve been doing that since I was a kid,” says Reed. “I always say that I moved her into the house so that we could rescue even more animals! Any animal we find is probably coming home.”

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And they both have a tendency to overindulge the 10 rescue animals that live on the estate Reed shares with husband Ian Somerhalder, 37.

“She overfeeds everything, and I do too, so I got that from her,” says the Sleepy Hollow star. “Pretty much everything about who I am is my mom.”

Houston also sees the uncanny similarities between her and her daughter, but thinks Reed has even more positive traits than she does.

“I think she has a lot of my qualities, and I think she goes way beyond,” says Houston. “She has some pretty big qualities – I’m catching up! She’s genuine and she loves the world, she’s good in her heart and soul, and she cares – from flowers to animals to babies to people to old people. It’s genuine.”

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