"I would camp out to go see my almost-husband anywhere," says the Twilight actress

By Jessica Wedemeyer
Updated July 22, 2011 07:45 PM
Gregg DeGuire/MTV/PictureGroup

Nikki Reed may not be a Twi-hard herself, but when it comes to her fiance, American Idol‘s Paul McDonald, the Twilight actress would go to any lengths.

“I’ve never camped out anywhere for anyone,” the recently engaged actress, 23, told PEOPLE early Thursday morning while greeting fans – some of whom had camped out for days – at San Diego’s Comic-Con. “But I can imagine I would camp out to go see my almost-husband anywhere, so maybe that’s the kind of passion that they feel.”

Reed’s passion for McDonald, 26, runs so deep that in addition to becoming his intended, she’s also become a volunteer marketing manager by contributing her own celebrity to his cause.

“I hand-printed flyers and signed my name on them [with] his real album name,” she says. “And I stood outside [his concerts] for hours and passed out flyers to fans and said, ‘If you want my autograph, here’s what you have to do: Go look at his [album].’ ”

It’s really no bother for Reed.

“He goes beyond American Idol because he’s so talented,” she gushes. “I know that the fans there are passionate, but they’re passionate about the show and I want it to be about him because he deserves it.”

Adds Reed: “He had three albums out before the show and no one on American Idol has ever had that!”