By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated January 18, 2002 12:10 PM

Supermodel Niki Taylor, who underwent 41 surgeries after she and boyfriend Chad Renegar crashed their car in Atlanta last April following a night of dinner and dancing, filed a suit against British “Glamour” magazine in Florida’s Palm Beach County Circuit Court on Thursday. Taylor, 26, who continues to recover from liver damage, is claiming that she was coerced into removing her clothes to reveal her scars for the publication’s cameras, reports the Palm Beach Post. In her legal papers, Taylor asserts that, should these photos be published, she “will suffer irreparable harm to her career as a fashion model, embarrassment and humiliation to which there is no adequate remedy of law.” A spokesperson for Conde Nast publications, the parent company of British “Glamour,” had no comment. Taylor’s attorney, Stephen Screnci, also requested that Circuit Court judge Jorge Labarga issue an emergency order preventing the photos from being printed or sent outside the state. The jurist denied his request. According to legal documents obtained by the Post, Taylor’s manager, Lou Taylor (no relation), signed an agreement with “Glamour” writer Andrea Thompson that the supermodel, who lives in a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, would grant a 45-minute interview on Tuesday. (The article was reportedly slated for the May issue.) Niki Taylor also agreed to pose for two hours’ worth of photos, with Lou Taylor and Thompson having an oral agreement that no pictures would be taken of the model’s scars. Yet during the course of Tuesday’s session together, says the suit, Thompson told the model that she needed a “different angle” on her story and persuaded Taylor to reveal herself by making her feel “pressured and compelled to cooperate. “