The score for comedian Dennis Miller’s ABC “Monday Night Football” debut was low — delivering a 28% drop in the viewership compared to the network’s pre-season opener a year ago, according to the Nielsens. In fact, Monday’s program may be ABC’s lowest-rated pre-season game since 1990. As for last week’s ratings, CBS’s “Survivor” maintained its No. 1 position last week, followed in the next three slots by Regis Philbin’s sturdy giveaway program. Need further proof that reality shows are in? Rounding out the Top Five was CBS’s “Big Brother.” Fortunately for actors, the remaining five spots in the Top 10 were filled by dramas and sitcoms. (A rating point represents 1,008,000 households, or 1% of the nation’s estimated 100.8 million TV homes.) Last week’s winners: