"But please, only princes should talk to me," she says as she goes to a ball in Vienna

By Karen Nickel Anhalt
February 18, 2009 03:30 PM

No kissing any frogs for Nicollette Sheridan.

The Desperate Housewives star, 45, is in Vienna, as the celebrity date of local businessman Richard Lugner, 76, for Thursday’s gala Vienna Opera Ball.

The actress, whose engagement to Michael Bolton ended last summer, informed the Austrian press, “I’m always looking for a man. But please, only princes should talk to me.”

Prospective suitors should not confuse her with her soon-to-expire TV alter ego, Edie Britt, either. “I’m totally different from her,” says Sheridan, “and besides, she’ll die next season anyway.”

What she most eagerly anticipates once she leaves Wisteria Lane is “writing my own shows.”

Sheridan also mentioned a little-known fact about herself: ” “Yes, it’s true,” she said, “my step father is Kojak star Telly Savalas. As a kid I traveled a lot with him. For instance, I went along with him when he was shooting a movie in former Yugoslavia.”

But then, born in Sussex, she’s long been international. “I grew up in England,” said Sheridan. “I love Europe and always dreamed of visiting a ball like this.”