Cruise's ex says she hopes "they find everything they are looking for"

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated November 18, 2005 08:05 AM
Credit: Thomas Lau/Celebrity Photo

Nicole Kidman, like most everyone else, has observed the very public display of affection between her former husband, Tom Cruise, and his fiancee, mother-to-be Katie Holmes, but The Hours Oscar winner has not discussed it publicly – until now.

Asked by USA Today how she and her two children with Cruise – Connor, 10, and Isabella, nearly 13 – feel about Tom’s rhapsodizing about his latest love on The Oprah Winfrey Show and elsewhere, Kidman, 38, responds: “When you’ve been in a relationship with someone, and you move on, you wish them happiness. You hope they find everything they are looking for.”

Kidman said such generosity must kick in “particularly when you have children. You need to be a grownup. You cannot be saying to your kids, ‘You have to parent me.’ You have to parent them.”

The newspaper, interviewing Kidman on the Washington, D.C., set of the sci-fi thriller The Visiting, points out that she has learned some life lessons from her own father, a clinical psychologist.

“Luckily,” says Kidman, “we have managed to move our lives to a whole different place. Life’s too short. You have to wish each other well, and that is what I say with absolute sincerity.”

Although USA Today mentions Kidman’s being spotted dining in D.C. with Keith Urban, there’s no further word on her relationship with the country star, with whom she’s been spotted since July. As PEOPLE reports in its latest issue, Kidman was seen wearing a ring on her wedding finger while walking arm-in-arm with Urban in Boston on Nov. 11.

While Kidman’s rep didn’t know anything about a marriage proposal, Urban’s rep, Paul Freundlich, says, “Right now it’s just a rumor. When and if there’s a statement we’ll make that public.”

Still, by the looks of it, the fellow Aussies are in full-on romance mode, sharing cozy meals and trips to the countryside, including a stop near Urban’s Nashville home. Kidman has also been a fixture on Urban’s “Keith’s Alive in ’05” tour, and the two “were inseparable,” says a source close to the singer, who this past Tuesday was named the Country Music Association’s entertainer of the year.

“It was obvious something is there – a lot more than just a friends situation,” says the source. “You could see something real special was going on between them.”