The Simple Life star reportedly spoke inappropriately to an 11-year-old boy during filming

Nicole Richie apparently upset a Los Angeles family during a taping of The Simple Life last week by stopping an 11-year-old boy in his driveway and asking him, in graphic terms, if he found her attractive.

Two camera operators and another crew taped the exchange, during which Richie used a profane word, the Associated Press reports.

The youngster’s father subsequently refused to sign a release giving them permission to use the scene with his son. Instead he complained to the show’s production company.

At the time Richie, 24, approached the boy while he was playing basketball and she was pushing a baby carriage – part of her show’s new season twist. The program, which was recently dropped by FOX but picked up by E! and renamed Simple Life 4: Till Death Do Us Part, costars Paris Hilton. It will return to the air in the spring.

“The girls are taking turns on their own as wife and mother in their own house,” said show publicist Chris Delhomme. “The premise is fish out of water. These rich celebutantes in the environment they know little about. That’s the comedy.”

Richie’s publicist did not return calls seeking comment about her encounter with the 11-year-old.