Nicole Kidman's Pre-Wedding Plan: 'Sleep'

Meanwhile fiancé Keith Urban reportedly has a buck's night out


Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman said on Saturday she planned to get a good night’s sleep before Sunday’s wedding to country singer Keith Urban in Sydney, while Urban is reportedly having a buck’s night out.

As preparations for the wedding were finalized, Sydney media speculated that Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann, a longtime friend of Kidman’s, would shoot the wedding video.

Kidman and Urban are to be married on Sunday but details of the wedding have been kept under wraps all week as guests such as King Kong star Naomi Watts and Luhrmann jetted into Sydney.

Speaking briefly on Saturday, Kidman said she and her husband-to-be were “very happy.” Asked what she would be doing on Saturday night, Kidman replied: “I’m going to get some sleep.”

Urban is reportedly having a buck’s night at an exclusive Sydney nightclub with musicians who have flown in from Nashville.

Luhrmann, who will attend the wedding with his film producer wife Catherine Martin, met Kidman and Urban on Friday night, sparking media speculation he would be involved in “creative direction,” which would include the wedding video.

“I am very happy to be going along to a happy occasion,” was all a smiling Luhrmann would say to reporters after meeting the couple and the wedding party at Kidman’s family home in Sydney. Kidman told reporters that Luhrmann was “part of the family.”

Luhrmann chose the statuesque Australian actress to star in Moulin Rouge, and directed her in a Chanel No 5 advertisement.

Sunday’s wedding is expected to take place at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel, a gothic-style sandstone church inside an old Catholic seminary overlooking Manly Beach. While the location is secret, a big marquee erected near the chapel seemed to be a dead give-away, along with the fact that Catholic priest Paul Coleman, who will conduct the service, comes from a parish a few suburbs away.

“To Nicole & Keith, congratulations from the boys at St Paul’s,” read a sign outside a school opposite the chapel.

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