Nicole Kidman to Directors: Seduce Me

The actress says she must be lured away from her happy home to star in movies

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Nicole Kidman‘s marriage to Keith Urban has not always been smooth sailing. But the Oscar-winner says she is so happy relaxing with her husband in Nashville, she has to be “seduced” to accept movie roles.

In fact, when she was first offered the part of Mrs. Coulter in The Golden Compass, she wasn’t convinced.

“I actually just didn’t want to work,” Kidman, 40, said Tuesday at a London press conference to promote the new film (based on the beloved children’s book by Philip Pullman). “I was just in a place in my life where I was in Tennessee and I was just feeling a little lazy and wanting to hang out.”

So what changed her mind? A flattering note from director Chris Weitz and one from Pullman himself. “With those two letters, I was seduced,” said Kidman.

The prolific actress (currently filming the epic Australia) also referred to her love of the easy life when asked which daemon – the animal companions to human characters in Compass – she would most like to be.

“It changes,” she explained. “Yesterday it was a kitten, because I love milk and I like to be petted and taken care of and to sleep a lot.” But today, under the spotlight at the press conference, the actress said her daemon would be “a tiger.”

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