Nicole Kidman: 'I Love Babies'

But, she tells UK's InStyle, having kids of her own is "in God's hands"


Amid those persistent pregnancy rumors, 40-year-old Nicole Kidman says she is leaving motherhood up to fate.

“I love babies,” the actress told UK’s InStyle magazine in its February issue. So are the “Tennessean Aussies” (Kidman’s self-coined nickname for herself and country-crooner hubby Keith Urban) hoping for a baby of their own? “I would say it’s in God’s hands,” she said in the interview, which took place in October. “If God wills it, it will happen.”

For now, though, Kidman is looking forward to logging plenty of baby time when she begins shooting The Reader in Berlin.

“My best friend Naomi Watts is going to be making a movie there too,” she said. And with Watts’s (almost) six-month-old baby Alexander in tow, Kidman knows she’ll be busy. “I told her I’ll be available for baby sitting,” she added.

Primarily based in Tennessee with Urban, the actress spent several months last year filming the Baz Luhrmann period drama Australia back in her native country, while also traveling to promote The Golden Compass.

So does this frequent-flying actress have a remedy for dreaded jet lag? You bet. When Kidman can’t sleep, she simply wakes up her husband. His usual response? “Okay, let’s order room service and play.”

“Can you believe it?” she adds excitedly at the prospect. “I have someone who will wake up and play with me?”

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