Nicole Kidman is only a little bit embarrassed about her weird clapping at the Oscars this year

By Ale Russian
May 09, 2017 02:21 PM

Nicole Kidman is only a little bit embarrassed about her unexpected clapping at the Oscars this year.

The actress inspired countless memes after an audience shot caught her clapping with her fingers oddly far apart during the ceremony. Now, the Lion actress is poking fun at her viral moment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, after host Ellen DeGeneres played a looping clip of the clapping technique that has been likened to a seal.

“I do not clap like that, that is a weird lens,” Kidman said amid laughs as she asked the comedian to stop showing the clip.

But DeGeneres instead pressed her on the subject. “How can you make any noise like that?” the host joked. “You’re not even really clapping!”

Kidman then explained it all has a funny tie-in to a classic story. “Because, it’s the Cinderella thing, you borrow these expensive jewels and I’m like, ‘You must not damage these diamonds!’ ” she joked. “And they went back beautifully intact, not a scratch on them.”

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The Oscar winner also showed off her normal clapping skills on the show, telling the audience she’s “worked on it.”

Kidman, who will next appear onscreen in The Beguiled alongside Kirsten Dunst and Colin Farrell, also opened up to DeGeneres about her intense fight scenes in her hit HBO show Big Little Lies. The actress admitted that she and costar Alexander Skarsgard attempted to make the scenes as real as possible, with Skarsgard grabbing her and leaving marks behind.

“I threw myself into it, to the point where I would come home at night with, you know, bruises and really sore,” she said. “Alexander would not mean to do this, and I would never tell him that he was hurting me. I wanted him to commit to the scene.”