Source: Fabrice Deprez/Twitter
July 24, 2017 06:06 PM

Nicolas Cage is the gift that keeps on giving.

The actor caused a social sensation during a recent appearance at the 13th Annual Eurasia International Festival in Kazakhstan, where he posed for a photo alongside the country’s first lady, Sara Nazarbayeva, on Sunday.

Cage wore a shirt and tie underneath the traditional garments, which included an ornate fur robe with gold embellishments and a matching fur hat—and paired the look with a stoic expression the internet found priceless.

With Cage’s longterm status as an internet fan-favorite, it’s no surprise the photo sparked a wealth of creative memes.

One twitter user said that picture “pretty much made my day.”

Another joked that President Donald Trump was arranging negotiations to bring the actor home.

Some fans used Photoshop to crop Cage into other popular memes, like “Sad Ben Affleck” and the already edited image of world leaders gathering around Russian president Vladimir Putin at the G-20 Summit.

One user joked that this picture shows just how far Cage is willing to go to “steal the Declaration of Independence,” which was the plot of his first National Treasure movie.

Another fan compared his facial expression to that of Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War.

While others pondered if it was even the real Cage — or if he knew what was happening.

Also attending the festival was Adrien Brody, who also posed in the traditional garb.

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