Nicki Minaj fans noticed a suspicious-looking curve in a recently shared picture

By Maria Mercedes Lara
Updated August 09, 2015 08:05 PM
Credit: Getty

Sure, some people may be known to touch-up their photos before posting them on Instagram, but Nicki Minaj is not one of them.

The rapper, 32, set the record straight after fans accused her of Photoshopping a picture that she posted of herself and boyfriend Meek Mill on Sunday. After commenters on Instagram noted a suspicious curve in the leg of Minaj’s hairstylist, who was standing next to her famous behind, the “Anaconda” musician texted her photographer to ask if they amplified her curves.

The photographer’s explanation, according to a text conversation that Minaj shared on Instagram? “It’s just shadow.”

“Lol why did I actually text @grizzleemusic about this?” Minaj wrote. “Yall so damn crazy. I was like we don’t need to do that.”

Let this be a lesson to fans who think every Instagram picture of a celebrity is Photoshopped – sometimes a shadow really is just a shadow.

Check out the original photo below.

Editing photos has become a hot topic for celebrities on social media. In April, Chrissy Teigen vowed to never Photoshop her Instagram photos again because “we forget what normal people look like now.”

“It’s gotten to the point where they’re not smoothing their skin anymore, they’re actually changing the shape of their body,” she said. “Nobody can compare to that when you re fixing yourself so much. It’s so unfair.”