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November 26, 2016 03:51 PM

Nicki Minaj isn’t having so much fun in the sun this weekend.

On Saturday, the rapper shared a video on Instagram of her island getaway to the Caribbean island of Curacao. And while the poolside cabana looked idyllic, the weather was less than ideal.

In a video captioned “#Curacao” with a crying-laughing emoji, Minaj, 33, started by saying, “Nah, sun. No, nah. I’m gettin’ in this pool.”

And as she panned across the backyard experiencing intense torrential downpour, she reached out to God for help dealing with her current situation.

“God, Imma need a miracle,” she said. “‘Cause I want to go in the pool. I did not come all the way out here to be lookin’ at the pool and not comin’ in the pool.”

And at the end of the clip, Minaj started speaking in Spanish, proclaiming, “Ay yai yai. Ay Dios mio. Muy bonita. Qué linda!”

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Though her island vacation was not quite as beautiful or sunny as she imagined, it might be a slight upgrade from the cold east coast temperatures she endured earlier this week in Washington, D.C.

“D.C. was litty again last night,” she wrote in one Instagram post.

Minaj has certainly been keeping busy as she travels all over the world. Before her day in D.C. and trip to Curacao, Minaj was giving a beat to frequent collaborator and pal Ariana Grande‘s harmonies during their performance of “Side By Side” at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles last Sunday.

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