VIDEO: Here's 45 Minutes of Nick Offerman Sitting in Front of a Fireplace with a Glass of Scotch

It's the gift that keeps on giving

Photo: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Nick Offerman‘s slow morph from bit character actor to real-life version of his beloved Parks and Recreation avatar Ron Swanson has provided all kinds of Internet gold, but none as seasonally appropriate as his latest gift, “Nick Offerman’s Yule Log.”

In it, the hirsute actor sits comfortably ensconced in a fine leather armchair before a homey, lit fireplace, armed with a glass (neat, natch) of Swanson’s beloved Lagavulin Scotch Whisky.

That’s pretty much it. For just a tick under 45 minutes.

So if you don’t particularly enjoy bandying about platitudes over the holidays, or even exchanging one word with your loved (or unloved ones), enjoy the Zen silence of some crackling logs and Offerman’s stoic facade.

And happy holidays.

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