By Maggie Parker
Updated October 06, 2016 05:49 PM
Credit: Derek Storm/Everett Collection

Nick Nolte may consider life as a celebrity messy, but apparently that’s right in his wheelhouse.

“It’s very dysfunctional,” said the actor, 75, during a panel after the New York City premiere of his new EPIX show Graves on Wednesday. “And it fits right in where my brain is at, which is totally not on this planet, and I’m waiting for the planet to settle down and become sensible.”

Nolte, who pays a former president in Graves, continued, “That happens to presidents and anybody who gets in the public eye — you’re screwed because you no longer can have your life, you cannot stop people from shooting your picture,” said Nolte. “If you go to court, you’ll lose,” added the Golden Globe winner, who was arrested for a DUI in 2002.

But Nolte has come to terms with his missteps, saying, “It’s all you get to do in life, is make mistakes, you know?”

Another thing that happens when you’re famous? You Google yourself and find plenty of misinformation.

He set the record straight: “I’m supposed to be worth $74 million, that’s a joke.”