We examine the singer's many abs-baring moments for science

When scientific intrigue presents itself, you must heed its call.

Here, we’ve devoted our most thorough analytical processes to ordering Nick Jonas‘ nearly nude moments from somewhat to absolutely vital to humanity.

Carefully turn your discerning eyes on our findings and see if you agree with our conclusions:

#10. Life jackets are crucial safety tools that we would never dream of hitting the water without. And yet … we wish there wasn’t one in this photo.

#9. A significant increase in the surface area of flesh here.


#8. Again, technically only halfway shirtless, but notable nevertheless.

#7. Studies have shown that you should be Careful What You Wish For, unless you’re wishing for shirtless Nick Jonas.


#6. At this exact moment, Jonas’ Instagram became a national treasure. Fascinating.

#5. If you ask us, starring in Kingdom was definitely one of his best life choices.

Credit: Endemol

#4. As scholars, we are one hundred percent behind this photo.

#3. We are unspeakably “Jealous” of everyone in the On Air with Ryan Seacrest studio that day. You know, because of everything they learned.


#2. A fitness authority indeed.

#1. At the top of the list, not only because we had to scrape our jaws up off the floor, but because this always reminds us to grab life by the … something.

Credit: Yu Tsai