April 03, 2015 02:10 AM

Nick Jonas‘s latest song is his hottest one yet.

The “Chainsaws” singer will stop by Sesame Street on Sunday night to perform “Check That Shape” with Bert, Cookie Monster and The Count, which teaches kids about, you guessed it, shapes.

The cute sneak-peek performance reminds us of other memorable celebrity appearances on the show, from One Direction singing about the letter U to Amy Adams getting into a fight with a talking pineapple.

Ed Sheeran teaches the difference between behavior at school vs. behavior at home.

“At home I can speak where I please. I can talk real loud into the breeze,” he sings alongside Elmo, Cookie Monster and a few other puppets who are surprisingly adept at playing instruments despite puffy fingers. “In school I raise my hand in the air if there’s something that I want to share.”

Mindy Kaling and Elmo teach the word "enthusiastic."

And they’re really, really enthusiastic about it. Other things they’re enthusiastic about: “chickens,” “dancing,” and “dancing with chickens.” Same, guys. Same.

One Direction teaches the letter U.

“Twenty-six letters are in the alphabet, but we’re here to sing about ‘U,’ ” Harry Styles sings in this educational twist on the band’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” The adorable segment from 2014 – in those days there were five of them, sigh – explains why U is such an unbelievably unique and useful letter.

Bruno Mars sings about the importance of perseverance.

“Don’t give up. Keep on trying! You’re gonna make it; I’m not lying,” is just a small snippet from Mars’s inspirational 2011 song, which immediately became our waiting-in-line-at-Chipotle anthem.

Amy Adams and Elmo teach the word "ingredient."

To teach the word “ingredient,” Adams and Elmo go over each ingredient for a pineapple upside-down cake – flour, sugar, butter and pineapple. The 2011 video is all fun and games until the pineapple becomes animated and (quite understandably) irate about getting baked into a cake. (The gang comes to a compromise when the pineapple pitches baking banana bread instead.)

Emma Stone explains the concept of "balance."

A blonde, 2011 Stone tries to balance different objects on her head – and is completely awful at it. Don’t quit your day job, Emma.

Destiny’s Child sing a song about walking.

“I’ve got a new way to walk, and it suits me fine,” the trio sing as their puppet friends show off their new walk. While these lyrics aren’t their most compelling, Beyoncé’s red leather chef’s hat (only in 2002, people) offers up sufficient pizazz.

Usher sings the ABCs.

No lie: We would totally break it down in the clubs to this song, which we’re shocked – shocked – didn’t top the 2013 charts.

Halle Berry and Elmo teach the word "nibble."

The main takeaway here is less about the definition of the word “nibble” and more about the fact that you do not mess with Berry. (She offers a “nibble” of cracker to a tiny little bird, but when the bird opts instead for a big bite, she freaks. “SHE DID NOT JUST TAKE A NIBBLE!”)

Natalie Portman and Elmo make believe.

In her strangest role yet, Portman plays a princess “who loves to dance with elephants” – that is, until a highly charged, dramatic moment in which she confesses to Elmo that she’s always wanted to play an elephant. Satisfying resolution: She gets to play an elephant.

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