The youngest Jo-Bro is opening up about his relationship with his brothers after filming Goat

By Ale Russian
Updated September 25, 2016 12:25 PM
Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Nick Jonas is stepping into the role of a frat bro – but it’s not exactly what you would expect.

Jonas stars in the movie Goat, a true story about two brothers who deal with the emotional consequences of hazing within Greek life. Jonas, 24, plays the elder sibling who has to watch his younger brother be repeatedly hazed in order to join him in the fraternity.

Jonas tells PEOPLE that the role made him reflect on his own relationship with his famous brothers – Kevin and Joe.

“I also have brothers and my journey with them has been complicated and great,” Jonas said before adding that the movie made him “discover a lot about myself.”

In the film, Jonas’ character Brett is convinced his fraternity is the best place for his younger brother to put his past troubles behind and join a group of people who will always have his back – until they start hazing him.

As the initiation becomes increasingly more elaborate and torturous, Brett begins to question what the fraternity is about and why he’s a part of it. It’s something that resonated with Jonas, who wondered if he would have tried to join a fraternity if he’d gone to college.

“I always think, ‘Would I have done it? Even after making this, would I have gone about it?'” Jonas mused. “My belief is that, with boundaries, anything is possible and there’s a way to go about fraternity life in hazing culture where it can be healthy and not traumatic.”

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And just like in the movie, Jonas’ real life younger brother, Frankie, is entering the college world.

“My little brother started college a month ago,” Jonas revealed. “You can imagine after making this film, I had a very real conversation with him where I said, ‘Okay, before you even think about joining a fraternity, you need to watch this movie.'”

Jonas said that he ultimately wouldn’t be against Frankie entering the Greek system, but he thinks the new film will help other young men come to an informed decision about the organizations.

“I really hope this movie does become a tool for people to see what the darkest side of that world can be. We’ve all talked about the fact that we didn’t set out to make a movie that is an indictment of the fraternity culture. There are some things that I think are probably really great about it.”

Goat is in theaters now.