"[It was] the best thing that ever happened to us," Jonas tells Los Angeles Confidential of his professional split with his brothers

By Danielle Anderson
Updated September 29, 2016 01:15 PM

Nick Jonas has been putting his dating life on the back burner.

Since his breakup with Olivia Culpo last year, the singer has been romantically linked to stars like Kate Hudson and Selena Gomez, but he says he’s really more about business right now.

“It’s been challenging to find any time on that front,” Jonas tells Los Angeles Confidential in their latest issue. “But it’s also a choice I made to just have this season of my life be solo, so that I can make the most of all I’m trying to accomplish. I’ve got plenty of time, at 24. I mean I hope I have plenty of time!”

When it comes to the other close relationships in his life – his brothers – Jonas says since the Jonas Brothers went their separate ways professionally in 2013 things have never been better between them.

“[It was] the best thing that ever happened to us. It has allowed for us to just be family,” Jonas says. “Joe and I live together in LA. We have a home there together – we’re very, very close. My brother Kevin and his wife have a baby and another one on the way. He’s now into his next step, which is in the tech world, which is really amazing. It’s all a really healthy change.”

Jonas, who has indeed been making the most of his solo time – his album Last Year Was Complicated was inspired by his split from Culpo and he’s currently filming the action adventure film Jumanji – says he is also counting his blessings for the music and acting career he’s made for himself since the band’s break-up.

“I was on a rocket ship to the moon with my brothers as part of a teen phenomenon,” he says. “And to come back and solidify an adult career with real confidence in myself and pride in my work, I think I’ve now been able to see things a little bit differently. And that really does shape who you become as a person, the way you see the world … and the way you treat other human beings.”