"I think anytime you have a teammate it makes things a little easier," Jonas tells PEOPLE

By Mark Gray
April 26, 2015 02:00 PM
Splash News Online

It’s a been one heck of a ride for Nick Jonas over the past year. Thankfully, he’s had his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, by his side.

“I think anytime you have a teammate it makes things a little easier,” Jonas, 22, said of experiencing superstardom (as a solo artist, at least) with Culpo in his life. “It has been a wild ride and a crazy year and a half. It’s been really special.”

“Special” may be an understatement. Within the past year, Jonas‘s song “Jealous” skyrocketed up the Billboard charts and he got rave reviews for his performance in DirecTV’s Kingdom. Oh yeah, lest we forget, there were also those ab-tastic photos, too.

On Saturday, after Jonas and Culpo attended an event for City Year, a non-profit education-focused organization, in Los Angeles, he and his lady love headed to Las Vegas to celebrate the third anniversary of the Bellagio’s Hyde Nightclub, where they cuddled up at a VIP table and sipped cocktails as clubgoers tried to get their attention.

But despite his hit song – one he wrote about a real experience involving his girlfriend – Jonas isn’t actually a jealous person who resents people looking at Olivia.

“The song would have you thinking otherwise,” he told PEOPLE. “But that experience that I wrote the song of actually helped me process it and make it easy to deal with.”