"She didn't like when I was broke," Cannon says in his mysterious breakup song

By Janine Rubenstein and Nick Maslow
Updated March 22, 2016 11:20 PM
Credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty

Nick Cannon has a lot to say about a past love.

“All you needed was a n—- with the money, cars and cribs,” Cannon, 35, raps in his new single “Oh Well,” shared on Soundcloud.

“I still feel bitter about it,” continues Cannon, who stops short of identifying who inspired the lyrics. “You leaving the house. You f—ing that n—-, giving me a reason to bounce. Oh well.”

The anecdotes only get more personal as the song progresses, with Cannon rapping, “Do you remember that one night when neither one of us would act right? And sleeping together just didn’t feel right? People on TV be happy but this is real life. You know you be wrong, but I should chill, right?”

At one point, Cannon even mentions his personal finances: “She didn’t like when I was broke, but she missed the old me. Wait, girl – you got me confused.”

But the America’s Got Talent host – who recently said he isn’t "ready to date yet" after his 2014 split from Mariah Carey – makes it clear he doesn’t want to get back with the woman he’s rapping about. “One day I’ll probably miss ya,” he says. “Off drugs and lots of liquor. Until then, I’ll holla at ya.”

The kicker comes near the end of the track, with Cannon describing a relationship as a “lie.” He raps, “Baby girl, don’t cry. I won’t lie. Our relationship was a lie, but baby some die. I guess we parted, that’s all. Oh well.”