Nick Cannon: 'I'm Not Ready to Date Yet' After Mariah Carey Split

The TV host and musician talks being single and enjoying alone time.

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As a producer, a host, actor, writer, director, DJ, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Nick Cannon is doing a lot these days.

One thing he isn’t doing, though, is dating.

“I haven’t figured it out yet,” Cannon told PEOPLE of dating as a newly single man at DuJour Magazine‘s celebration for his January cover. “I just don’t think I’m ready to date yet,” he added.

“It’s funny because my next film that I’m writing is all about online dating so I’m learning all about it,” the America’s Got Talent host said. “It’s so intriguing to me but I have yet jump into that pool. But it’s the new wave so I’m not against it.”

Who knows, you might see his face on your dating app sometime soon, and you should definitely swipe right.

Until then, he’s spending a lot of time alone, and is OK with that. “I don’t know if I would say it was hard,” Cannon told PEOPLE. “It’s more of just adjusting and adapting, as we all do as we get older. You’re living life.”

Since Cannon and Mariah Carey – with whom he has twins, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan – filed for divorce in December 2014, Cannon’s been enjoying his alone time. “I have really learned to value private time, I’ve been deep in meditation and getting to know myself,” he said.

“Most of my life is this,” he said, referencing the lively event being thrown in his honor. “And then when it’s not this, it’s all my children.” What does he do when he gets some peace? Nothing. “That moment when I do get a little bit of quiet, it’s quiet doing nothing. Just quiet. I love it.”

Understandable, since he’s really got his hands full, juggling multiple jobs and twins who are about to turn 5. Thanks to their famous parents, those children live charmed lives, but Cannon is making sure they stay grounded.

How? Chuck E. Cheese.

“It’s just such a normal existence but it’s so chaotic and they love it,” Cannon said of the children’s restaurant. “It was my favorite place to go growing up. My kids can one day be on a yacht in South Africa and the next moment just be embracing the play pen at Chuck E. Cheese, having fun.”

“I think we’re doing a fairly good job keeping them well-rounded, showing them the remarkable things in the world but also letting them understand that they’re just normal 4-year-olds,” he said of co-parenting with Carey.

What he’s really excited about lately is the work he’s doing with RadioShack, the neighborhood store where he first learned about music growing up.

“I always had an affinity for the brand because they were truly about the community,” Cannon, who is the chief creative office of the brand, told PEOPLE. “They were the neighborhood electronics store, and I wanted that message to really be felt. Because a lot of times people don’t appreciate what’s always there and a brand like that has always been there, it was always there for me growing up.”

Which is why he’s performing with The Harlem School for the Arts at the Harlem Radio Shack next week for a special event celebrating youth empowerment.

Will this man ever rest?

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