They're not ready for a family – just yet – but Cannon already knows he'll be a silly, loving father
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Although the serious plans for starting a family with wife Mariah Carey are still a few months away, Nick Cannon already has a clear idea of the kind of father he’ll be.

“I want to be a father that’s all about love,” Cannon tells PEOPLE. “That’s the main thing to get right and at the end of the day it’s just about smothering my children with love. The same way I do to my wife!”

Along with being a cuddly and doting dad, Cannon, 28, says he will be goofy. “I will probably be the fun dad because I’m silly,” he says. “I’m always trying to have a good time and always doing funny and stupid stuff.”

As for when that day will arrive, the Drumline star says he and Carey, 40, who got married in April 2008, have a timeline set.

“We had our first year and enjoyed it. This year for us is about establishing everything and creating a household,” he says. “So when we do welcome a child, it will be in a very comfortable established home. So we are working on that and once this year calms down, then we’ll probably start taking about it more seriously. That’s a priority, and it’s not just a quick decision.”

A Busy Summer

Indeed, Cannon has a busy summer schedule as the new host of NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent, premiering on June 23. As host, Cannon will show off his stand-up comedy roots and says he will be “bringing more swag” to his role. “I’m bringing out the cool, sexy, corny and goofy side of me. And I’m trying to be the best-dressed man on television,” he says. “I’m so fashion crazy that I got to take full advantage and be suited and booted in every episode.”

As for Cannon’s wife, she thinks taking the reins as host will be perfect and a natural fit for him. “She sees how crazy and silly I act around the house and she’s like, ‘if you are doing any of that stuff,’ then it’s going to work.” He adds, “I’m always running around the house singing out of pitch at the top of my lungs and dancing around. So whatever I can do to make people smile and have a good time, I do it at home and on the show.”

And when Cannon does start a family, will he want his children to follow mom and dad into show business?

“I would love it, but I’m not going to be one of those stage daddies where its like, ‘Get out there and sing!'” he says. “I won’t be that kind of dad. I want them to do whatever they love and if they love, that will definitely, make me happy. But at the same time I want to raise some doctors and astronauts. Well maybe they can be singing doctors!”
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