A spy's alleged tell-all on Simpson and Lachey was "exaggerated"

By Sharon CotliarTom Cunneff and Pamela Warrick
Updated December 08, 2004 02:15 PM

Reports of a rift between Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey heated up last week, due to a widely circulated e-mail that detailed a tense backstage atmosphere between the couple before the Nov. 30 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

The e-mail, purportedly written by a worker for the production company that staged the show, said Lachey and Simpson had separate dressing rooms and claimed the couple hardly acknowledged each other throughout the evening, and that Lachey made some off-color remarks about his wife.

But a rep for the production company says the message was “exaggerated.” Adds an onlooker at the event, “Everything seemed just peachy.”

Lachey’s spokesperson also denies any tension. “They’re not on the rocks and are really sick and tired of having to shoot these rumors down all the time.”

Meanwhile, Simpson may be getting a shiny stocking stuffer this Christmas. Lachey shopped at Madison Avenue’s David Yurman jewelry boutique recently. “He looked at everything in the store, end to end,” says a source. And which baubles caught his eyes? “Lots of diamonds,” as well as gold necklaces, turquoise earrings and several couture pieces.

After browsing for close to an hour, Lachey, 31, walked away with a gift box for Simpson. The contents won’t be revealed until Dec. 25.