Nicholson: Accident-Prone?

Jack Nicholson narrowly escaped death and emerged with just scratches after a head-on car crash in the Hollywood Hills Thursday, reports the New York Post. The star, 61, was driving home in his new black Mercedes when he apparently cut off another driver at an intersection on a dangerous, winding road, police told the paper. Nicholson’s bumper flew 500 feet away from his car, and the other driver, Toto Yadhanny, 23, “charged that Nicholson ignored him and his injured girlfriend at the scene before medics arrived,” says the Post, which goes on to say that Jack “got the kid-glove treatment from cops.”

  • In other news of Jack Nicholson, New York’s Daily News reports that he was driving golf balls into the canyon from the lawn of his Mulholland Drive home — and one of them accidentally struck Beanie, the Shih Tzu belonging to Nicholson’s 7-year-old, Raymond. “My God,” Nicholson reportedly exclaimed, “I’ve killed my son’s dog.” He didn’t, but reports have it that Beanie required 57 stitches.
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