Nic Cage, Jackie Chan Lend Helping Hands

The two stars join a parade of celebrities donating to charities

Call it a trend. First Angelina Jolie admitted she donates a third of her income to charitable causes. Then Warren Buffet and Bill Gates announced that half of their fortunes are going to charity. Now, Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan are showing their philanthropic profiles.

Cage is donating $2 million to Amnesty International to help fund rehabilitation shelters, medical services and psychological and reintegration services for an estimated 300,000 former child soldiers, the organization has announced.

In a video statement filmed by Cage, who has been working with Amnesty International USA for two years, he said: “Think about the nine months it took for your child to be born; think about all the care you put into teaching him how to cross the street and look both ways, or to read a book, or to simply have good manners.

“Then imagine a warlord dropping a gun into his hand and forcing him to kill someone. He’s eight years old. He hasn’t kissed a girl yet or fallen in love, but he’s killed a man. What does that do to a child’s mind? Sounds like a nightmare? It’s reality for some families.”

As for Chan, the action movie star is looking to bequeath half his fortune to charity, Hong Kong media reported on Thursday.

“I have also written down (a will), … half of it goes to my charity and the remaining goes to my wife and son,” Chan said at a press conference.

The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, which was founded in 1988, goes to help the needy and to support the performing arts.

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