Nic Cage: A Very Dickensian Christmas

Video courtesy Buena Vista Entertainment

A lot of people talk about planning an old-school holiday celebration, but Nicolas Cage is going very traditional this year – he’s having a Dickensian Christmas.

The National Treasure: Book of Secrets star told Live with Regis and Kelly host Kelly Ripa and guest host Anderson Cooper that he and wife Alice Kim, two-year-old son Kal-el and 17-year-old son Weston are headed to England this year to celebrate.

“I’m going to England for Christmas and trying a brand new tradition,” said Cage. “My wife is there with Kal-el, and Weston’s flying out to join me, and we’re going to have a Charles Dickens Christmas. It’s the first time I’ve ever done it.”

“You’re going to probably be one of those people eating actually figgy pudding!” Ripa said.

“I actually will,” Cage replied. “I’m going to have a traditional English Christmas dinner. Get the goose, the whole bit.” Cage, who lives part time in Bath, England, says the best part of the holiday, figgy pudding aside, will be seeing his children together.

“One son is really becoming a man, and the other one is coming into consciousness,” he said. “This is [Kal-el’s] second Christmas, but now it’s all starting to make sense … There’s a tree, there’s presents. But the best is when I see the two of them together, that’s a great feeling. When I see my oldest son holding my youngest son, it’s the best.”
– Kimberly Potts

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