April 14, 2004 01:45 PM

SURVEYED: Matthew Perry’s character of Chandler Bing on “Friends” is the overwhelming choice when it comes to women looking for a man they’d most want to date or marry, according to a poll conducted by Yahoo! Personals, using the soon-to-exit sitcom as a guide to potential friend and lover role models. Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green was the males’ choice for a mate, while an overwhelming 75 percent of the 1,200 singles surveyed responded that the TV characters have become their own friends over the past 10 years. And, yes: 40 percent of the men admitted that they’ve used Matt LeBlanc’s pickup line as Joey, “How you doin’?”

EARNED: Barbara Walters, 72, is close to signing a potential $6 million contract with Miramax Books to write her memoirs, reports Reuters. Miramax Books president and publisher Jonathan Burnham was not available for comment, nor was Walter’s literary agent, Morton Janklow.

QUOTED: “(Bleeping) whore!” — Jennifer Lopez, 33, when asked by “Inside the Actor’s Studio” interviewer James Lipton, for her favorite swear word

DELAYED: The judge in the Jayson Williams manslaughter trial postponed his ruling on the defense’s request for a dismissal of the case from Tuesday until Thursday, because of a death in the family of the lead prosecutor, say reports. The defense claims that the former Nets player was denied a fair trial because of deleted evidence the prosecutor had from a fire-arms testing expert.

STOLEN: Personal items belonging to John F. Kennedy Jr., including a 1963 Father’s Day card he made for JFK Sr., were taken from a Sotheby’s warehouse in New York, and employee Patrick Gallagher, 50, has been charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property, reports the New York Post. Sotheby’s told the paper that all the items have been recovered, including a letter from Queen Elizabeth to John and Jackie Kennedy (Which Gallagher reportedly sold to a friend for $5,000). Gallagher was ordered to be held at his arraignment.

CONFLICTED: Eminem’s mother, Debbie Nelson, 49, wants to see a 16-year-old punished for carjacking and robbing her in Michigan last January, but she’s also distressed to think he could spend the next decade or more in prison, reports the Associated Press. James Antonio Knott is scheduled to be sentenced next week and could face 10 to 18 years in prison, said prosecutor Margaret Scott. Nelson says she hasn’t retrieved the contents of her handbag, which was in the car and contained her cell phone, identification, house keys, pictures of her two sons and more than $3,100 cash.

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