January 19, 2004 01:55 AM

REVEALED: Not even the cast knows how HBO’s “Sex and the City” will end, Kim Cattrall (who plays Samantha) said on Monday morning’s “Today” show. The Golden Globe nominee, 47, says that four different endings have been shot, so that even she has no idea about the conclusion of the show (which has six more episodes to go before its grand finale Feb. 22). She also said she had a career before “Sex” and anticipates having one afterwards. On Sunday night’s episode, Samantha’s breast cancer was diagnosed to be in highly treatable stage one, though she is questioning a proposed preventative prescription of chemotherapy.

RETURNED: Ozzy Osbourne, 55, is back home in Beverly Hills after injuring himself in an all-terrain vehicle accident in England on Dec. 8, his wife, Sharon, 51, told her talk-show audience during the episode she taped Thursday in Los Angeles. “I am just so happy that he’s home ’cause all the time I … felt so lonely, like I’ve lost something,” she said. “You know that feeling when you know you’ve lost something and what is it? It’s like, ‘Oh, it’s my husband!'”

QUOTED: “Britney is cute, isn’t she? Beyonce is good-looking. Jennifer Lopez is good-looking. Madonna used to be good-looking. She’s a housewife!” — Simon Cowell, 44, to TV reporters, as his fellow “American Idol” judges, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, groaned

DIED: Ray Stark, 88, known as the last of the great independent movie producers, died in his sleep early Saturday morning in his Beverly Hills home. His movies included “The Way We Were,” “The Goodbye Girl,” “Annie,” “Steel Magnolias” and perhaps his best-received work, “Funny Girl,” starring Barbra Streisand, which Stark produced on stage and screen, based on the career of his real-life mother-in-law, stage and radio comic Fanny Brice. … Tall and handsome actor Ron O’Neal, 66, who rode the wave of blaxploitation movies in the early 1970s (“Superfly”), died Wednesday in Los Angeles, his wife, Audrey Pool O’Neal, told the Associated Press. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2000, she added.

SETTLED: Lawyers for the George Harrison estate worked for two days to reach an agreement with Dr. Gilbert Lederman, the New York oncologist accused of coercing the dying ex-Beatle to autograph a guitar, The New York Times reports. The guitar at the center of lawsuit “will be disposed of privately,” according to a joint statement from the Harrison family, the doctor and Staten Island University Hospital. It was not specified exactly how the disposal will take place.

RECEIVED: Actress Isabel Sanford, 86, fondly remembered as Louise (or “Weezie”) from TV’s “The Jeffersons,” got her star on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame on Friday, say reports. She was joined by costar Marla Gibbs and “Jeffersons” creator Norman Lear. Sherman Hemsley, who played Louise’s husband George, was said to be out of state and unable to attend the ceremony, which also attracted many fans. Sanford’s is the 2,245th star on the boulevard.

PROMISED: While NBC is losing “Friends” and “Frasier” this May, rival CBS does not wish to see its big winner, “Everybody Loves Raymond,” go away, despite claims by its star, Ray Romano, that the end is nigh. CBS honcho Leslie Moonves reportedly told TV reporters over the weekend that he wants the Barone family sitcom back for one more season, at least. The New York Times, meanwhile, reports Monday that there will be at least two more editions of “Survivor” on CBS, despite some bad blood that may have arisen between its producer, Mark Burnett, and the network, after he took his new hit show, “The Apprentice,” starring Donald Trump, to NBC.

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