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November 04, 2015 05:20 PM

Talk about a Good Samaritan.

On Sunday evening, Herman McGarrah, 54, risked his life to save 1-year-old Tabrina Ferrell after she fell onto a New York subway track in the Times Square station.

Several people tried, unsuccessfully, to grab the frightened child, who had slipped through the gap between the S train and the platform, after her stroller got caught in the open space, CBS New York reports.

Tabrina fell from the stroller her grandmother, Pamela Ferrell, was pushing, five feet down to the train’s roadbed, screaming and crying.

McGarrah, a dispatcher and passenger line operator for a bus company, crawled under the train to secure Tabrina.

“I went to the fattest end of the train platform next to the train and I climbed down and crawled maybe three or four feet and I grabbed the baby. I yelled to them to make sure the train wasn’t going to move, and once they said the train wasn’t going to move I passed the baby up,” McGarrah, of East Harlem, told the news station.

Pamela, 49, who says Tabrina tumbled out of her stroller after a stranger attempted to help her push the carriage across the open gap, is incredibly grateful to the hero who risked his life to save a baby girl he didn t even know.

“Thank you so much. So much. I thank you so much, and may God be with him and his family,” she told CBS New York.

In a Facebook post, McGarrah states he “want[s] no recognition…God is good I finally done something and made my life credible.”

Baby Tabrina sustained only a minor cut on her head, and is feeling back to her normal self – walking, dancing and playing, according to the New York Daily News.

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