From morning workouts to nighttime Z's, the TV host breaks down goals for 2011
Credit: David M. Russell/Harpo Inc.

After a full season of holiday hustle and bustle – and baked goods! – Dr. Mehmet Oz is ready to take on the next hurdle: New Year’s resolutions.

In the spirit of 2011, he’s created an 11-week regimen, which launches on his show Jan. 3, to help viewers tackle their resolutions. And he’s not taking this lightly.

“A New Year’s resolution is so important,” the TV host, 50, tells PEOPLE. “At the end of the day, if you’ve got a game plan that you’ve set yourself up to succeed with, you will follow parts of the plan. Not having one is your biggest mistake.”

To ring in the New Year, Oz breaks down the five most popular resolutions – and how to make them happen – for PEOPLE.

1. Get more sleep
Sometimes, hitting the snooze button in the morning isn’t such a bad idea. A lack of rest can cause your body to gain weight, Oz says, adding that seven hours of shuteye per night is the magic number.

“That’s not easy to do,” he says. “You have to work at it. You have to develop a schedule like a child has a schedule.”

Lose 10 Lbs.
The key to cutting your risk of having a heart attack or getting arthritis? Ten lbs. Oz says dropping the weight is “a huge benefit” that’s “easily obtainable.”

3. Work out every morning
No need to load up on lattes – Oz says the best morning pick-me-up isn’t caffeinated. The doctor says a brisk seven-minute workout is the perfect way to jumpstart the day, whether in the form of a yoga routine – his personal favorite – stretching or running.

“There is no excuse for not doing it,” he says. “You control what time you get up in the morning, so just get up seven minutes earlier and do it.”

4. Have a multivitamin every day
A multivitamin ensures you’re getting the 12 essential vitamins and minerals you need in your diet every day – especially if you’re not getting them at the dinner table.

“Eating a great wholesome diet will get you most of what you need,” he says. “Most people don’t.”

5. Make time for friends and family every single day
This resolution is especially personal for the doctor: It’s his own.

“I’ve decided I need to spend more time with my kids,” Oz says. “I have precious moments when I can spend time with my kids and share life lessons I think they need to hear.”

Oz says touching base with loved ones doesn’t require hours of time (or cell phone minutes). “It doesn’t have to be a long conversation – just three or four minutes,” he says. “Most people do this naturally without thinking about it, but some don’t.”