"This time, everybody is on their own terms," Jeff Probst says of the new season

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated February 17, 2005 08:00 AM

The 10th season of Survivor sweeps ashore Thursday night, with host Jeff Probst promising new twists to keep the granddaddy of reality shows looking fresh.

“This time around, we have 20 people,” Probst, 42, tells the Associated Press. “We wanted to change things off the bat. We tried to find a simple little way to throw people off balance.”

In the past, only 16 or 18 players were dropped into the hostile new environment. This time, as opposed to previous outings, when the contestants first arrive in the Pacific island nation of Palau, there will be no tribes, no challenges, no clues and no instructions.

“This time, everybody is on their own terms,” says Probst.

No matter what transpires over the next few weeks, CBS is already prepared to keep the franchise going for at least two more seasons – including one that may take place in the cold of Canada.

“One day we were gonna run out of beaches,” says Probst. “It would be a lot more bleaker. You’re not gonna have any sexy water challenges. I think we’ll have to seriously think about it. Creatively, it offers something totally new. Our audience is loyal so I think our audience would stay with us.”